Total.IT Management and Support

  Our Total.IT services provide a safe, secure, and reliable IT system so you can focus on your business. When considering a single project, a complete Data Center upgrade, help managing specific IT needs, or you are looking for a complete IT department at a fraction of the cost, Total.IT has what you need.

  Allow us to apply our experience and engineering expertise to transform IT into a strategic business asset. We will act on your behalf to maintain and manage not only all aspects of the hardware and software stack, we also will manage other vendors and service providers for you. We ensure they provide what you require, how and when you require it. From internet service providers to MFP’s, and software providers, no more endless hours stuck on hold just to hear a flurry of tech babel that the issue is not their system. We frequently are able to provide our clients significant savings on hardware, software, and services with third party vendors.

  We proactively manage and maintain your IT infrastructure to ensure secure, uninterrupted business operations at peak efficiencies. Through the use of cross industry best practices, we are able to provide our clients a level of systems insight made possible from a pool of successful projects.


Let Zprime Technologies provide you with our premium quality support, administration and management for all of your IT needs.

Total.IT Cloud Computing

  Could your business use enterprise-class communication tools? Need a solution that scales as your needs change? Tired of the cost and complexity of managing and maintaining on premise mail servers? If you answered yes to one or more of these, let talk about all the benefits of a Cloud Solution can offer you.


  Email and Communication are just a small set of the myriad of solutions and tools available through todays Cloud Computing. Need an application hosted and highly available, Cloud has you covered. Data Backup and Archive repositories can easily be implemented to give redundancy and security to protect against the latest malware threat.


  Is it time for the high cost and complexity of a datacenter hardware and software upgrade? Painlessly convert Capex into Opex. There are three basic categories of Server deployment. On-premise, where the physical hardware is housed in one or more or your facilities. A total Cloud solution where everything is hosted by some third party. And Hybrid, where is a combination of the two. All three have different costs, advantages, and use cases dependent on the projects goals and objectives. This is where Total.IT comes to your aid. We architect each project to deliver a cost effective, highly available solution that evolves with our clients changing needs.

Total.IT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

  An IT disaster recovery ( DR ) plan is critical to business continuity ( BC ) - continuous data protection and application availability are absolute essentials. An IT Disaster can be as small as the report for the board meeting about to take place being accidently deleted or corrupted, to an entire facility being lost through fire or flood. Is your mission critical data backed up and readily available from another location?

All of your servers just burned up in a fire, how long will your operations be down, and how long will it take for replacement equipment to arrive? What is the costs and impact of your people sitting idle – for hours, days, or weeks?  


  When evaluating the impact of an IT disaster one need to look no further than the bottom line. System downtime, whether it affects an individual user or an entire company, means lost money. Understanding downtime costs may help to understand the direct value to be gained from an effective DR/BC implementation. Even excluding all indirect and soft costs associated with an interrupt in IT Services, a simplified calculation of employee costs can be alarming.


  To proactively address and mitigate the high costs and loss potential of an IT disaster, we offer a multi-tier approach to protecting your data and your organization. In the past, technology limited by tape storage and file level backup techniques meant unreliable backups, hours versus minutes for backup jobs, and testing that was nearly impossible to validate. Our block level system is capable of capturing an entire disk while its being used ( fast, multiple backups with no operational interruptions ).

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